Command Reference


Method: POST
Required Body Contents: a NewPaymentLink object definition which contains all the information about the new POLi Link

LinkTypeintegerSpecifies the type of POLi Link to create0 = Simple
1 = Variable
2 = Discounted
AmountdecimalSpecifies the amount the customer pays
Must be zero for Variable link-type
Must be less than the merchant's individual transaction limit
MerchantReferencestringThe merchant's reference for the new POLiLink
Must be specified, cannot be empty
Less than 100 characters
MerchantReferenceFormat string For more information, please see: New Zealand specific reconciliation Value between 1 and 4
MerchantDatastringInformation specific to payments for this POLi Link Maximum of 1000 characters
ConfirmationEmailbooleanSpecifies if the merchant will receive an email when a POLi Link transaction is completedtrue or false
AllowCustomerReferencebooleanSpecifies if the customer can enter information that uniquely identifies the customer or the payment during the transaction
LinkExpiryDateTime as stringSpecifies a future date where the POLi Link can no longer be used optionalMust be a date later than today's date. Format is as: “2020-10-24 16:00:00+11”
MultiPaymentbooleanSpecifies if the POLi Link can be used time-and-time again to make paymentstrue or false
DueDateDate as stringSpecifies a future date that a payment can be scheduled for(delayed, automatic payment)2014-05-24
AllowPartialPaymentbooleanSpecifies if the customer can pay the full amount over multiple transactionstrue or false
AllowOverPaymentbooleanSpecifies if the customer can pay more than the amount specifiedtrue or false
SchedulestringA pipe-delimited set of payment rules the specify a percentage discount if the customer pays before the specified date
Supports multiple discount clauses
2014-03-25=10.00 means a 10% discount if paid before 25th of March 2014
ViaEmailbooleanSpecifies if the customer receives an email, from POLi, on behalf of the merchant, outlining the details of the POLi Link payment
RecipientName and RecipientEmail must be provided
true or false
RecipientNamestringThe display name of the customer receiving the POLiLink email
RecipientEmailstringThe email address of the recipient
Email address format must be valid

A string containing the short Url of the POLi Link payment(e.g. OR
A string containing a simple error message due to a failure in creating the POLi Link


Method: GET
Parameters: urlToken
Response: a string containing the overall status of the POLi Link


Method: GET
Parameters: urlToken
Response: a LinkSummary object that contains a transaction history for the specified POLi Link

LinkSummary Data Structure

TotalAmountdecimalThe total amount the customer(s) pay when using the POLiLinkZero if the POLi Link is Variable, non-zero otherwise
TotalPaidAmountdecimalThe cumulative amount paid towards the POLi Link over all transactions
StatusstringThe value returned by the API method Status One of these
Transactionsarray of LinkPayment objectsThe transaction history of this POLi Link
LinkPayment Data Structure

TransactionRefNostringThe transaction reference number of the transaction (unique POLiId)
BankReceiptNostringThe number issued by the customer's bank for a successful transaction (if available)
BankReceiptDateTimestringThe date/time the transaction was successfully completed(if available)
StatusstringThe final status of the transaction (differs from the POLi Link Status)
AmountPaiddecimalThe amount paid for that transactionZero if the transaction was not completed
CompletionTimedecimalThe date/time the transaction was completed
MerchantReferencestringThe MerchantReference specified when the POLiLink was created
CustomerReferencestringData entered by the customer at the time of payment which uniquely identifies the customer and/or their payment


Method: GET
Parameters: A string containing a transaction token. The merchant would normally receive this via a nudge
A string containing a POLi Link urlToken associated with the specified transaction token
An empty string indicating the transaction was not associated with a POLi Link


Method: GET
Parameters: None
Response: An array of BasicLinkInfo objects

BasicLinkInfo Data Structure

CreatedstringThe date when the POLi Link was created day/month/year 25/05/2014
ReferencestringThe merchant reference specified at the time the POLi Link was created
AmountdecimalThe full amount of the POLi LinkZero if the POLi Link is of type Variable
MerchantDatastringCustom merchant data specified at the time the POLi Link was created
UrlTokenstringA Url containing the POLi Link token
StatusstringThe overall status of the POLi LinkThe same value returned by status


Method: GET
Required Parameter: 'urlToken' : The 5 character POLi Link Token, e.g.: aBcDe

HTTP Code 200 for success, HTTP Code 400 for failure.

This will mark the POLi Link as expired, which stops future transactions from being initiated against it.

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