POLi Link via the POLi API has superseded 'PaymentAPI GenerateURL'. PaymentAPI is now deprecated but will continue to function for merchants integrated with that system. The legacy documentation can be found here and the example code for GetDailyTransactions can be found here

The POLi API is a RESTful Web API that hosts various web services, including POLi Link integration. When supplied with valid Merchant Authentication data and valid payment data (reference, amount etc.), the POLi API web service generates a short Payment URL.

Integration with the POLi API supports XML and JSON formatted objects. When performing a POST and GET actions, you have the following content options:

Request HeaderDescriptionSupported Values
Content-TypeWhen performing a POST action, you are telling the POLi API what format the provided data is application/json
Accept-EncodingWhen the POLi API is providing a response, this tells the POLi API what format you would like the data to be packaged as application/json

It is possible to mix types(i.e. post XML but receive JSON)

If you have your merchant and authentication codes handy, you can use them to login and view the the POLi API help page.
POLi Public API Reference

All POLi Link API methods have the following url format;


Below is a reference table for POLi Link features provided in the POLi API:

Method NameParametersDetails
EchoAny string valueThe method returns the string that was provided. This method is useful for doing basic REST communication tests with our service, from your implementation
CreateA NewPaymentLink object that defines the payment Creates a POLi Link payment with the specified payment details which can be used by a customer to initiate a transaction
Status A string containing the POLi Link Url token Returns a string that contains the overall transaction status of the POLi Link
Payments A string containing the POLi Link Url token Returns a collection of transactions initiated by this specified POLi Link. Useful for reconciling payments made to a POLi Link.
FromToken A string containing a transaction token Returns a POLi Link Url token if the specified transaction was initiated by a POLi Link. This is useful for custom receipt pages
List No parameters Returns a full list of POLi Links with basic information

For more information about POLi Link, please see the relevant pages:

If you integrated with POLi Link via PaymentAPI in the past, authorisation was performed by including your merchant and authentication codes as part of the POST data. With the POLi API, you still use the same codes but provide them using more traditional authentication methods.

The POLi API currently supports Basic Authentication. You are required to encode your merchant code and authentication code as the username and password to be supplied with the 'Authorization' header in each request you make to the POLi API. Your codes are protected by the security of SSL.

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