There are two categories of POLi Link features, POLi Link-type features and extended features.

When choosing what type of POLi Link you'd like to create, there are parameter rules associated with each type of POLi Link. Please refer to the respective documentation about what type of POLi Link to choose for your customers. Regardless of POLi Link-type, the Payment Reference must be specified.

This link type is identical to the original POLi Link. Simple POLi Links also supports combinations of extended features. For this link-type, the payment amount is the only mandatory field. Simple POLi Links also support combinations of:

  • Partial Payments
  • Over-Payment
  • Multi-Pay
  • Due Date

Note: A Simple POLi Link cannot support a Due Date and also be a Multi-Pay

This link type gives customers freedom to pay any amount. As a result, there are no link-type-specific fields or features to populate.

These are similar to Simple POLi Links but they contain information about discounts the customer will receive if they pay before specified date(s). If this link-type is specified, it is mandatory to provide at least one discount and the date the discount will expire. Discounted POLi Links also support the following extended features:

  • Partial Payments

Extended Features

Partial PaymentThe customer can pay off the full amount of the POLi Link over two or more transactions
Over-PaymentThe customer can pay more than the amount specified
Multi-Pay The POLi Link can be used more than once to pay
Due Date Specifies a future date a payment can be scheduled to be paid on

Note: Combinations of these features are possible and have specific effects and limitations. Please refer to the respective documentation for more information

Future Payments

This feature gives customers the option of using a POLi Link and scheduling a payment to occur on a future date. The customer is given the option to make an immediate payment, or they could choose for the payment to be processed on the due date specified.

Although a scheduled payment is made by the customer, we give the POLi Link a unique status of Future. It's a promise to pay and the customer can choose to cancel the payment at another time.

Availability of this feature is limited to banks that support it.

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