Shopping Cart: Magento
Compatible Versions: 1.9.x
Last Updated: April 2014

Download Here

1. Login to Magento Admin.

2. Go to System ⇒Magento connect ⇒Magento connect manager.

3. Under the ‘Direct package file upload’ section, click browse, then find the POLi Payments package on your machine and then click upload.

4. Return to the Magento Admin Panel, go to System and click Configuration. On the left side of the screen, go to the Sales section and click on Payment Methods.

Note; if you don’t see the POLi Payment Gateway module, you will have to clear cache in the Cache Management section under the System menu.

5. Under POLi Payments in the Payment Methods section, please complete the applicable fields.

  • Input the Merchant Code
  • Input the Authentication Code

These details are provided to you by POLi when you sign up for your merchant account.
Please test a transaction by choosing POLi at the checkout of your shop. Please progress through the transaction using iBank. Once you are satisfied, please contact so we can set the service live for you.

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