What is POLi™?

POLi™ is the online payment option which facilitates a Pay Anyone internet banking payment from a customer’s bank account to a merchant.

Why choose POLi™?

POLi™ is a great alternative for people without credit cards, or for those who have them - but would prefer not to use them to shop online.

POLi™ is favoured by customers and merchants as it guides the customer through the payment process. The amount, reference information and banking details are pre-populated ensuring there are no reconciliation errors. When the payment is confirmed the merchant and customer both receive a completed payment notification ensuring you can receive your goods or services quicker.

Who can use POLi™?

Anyone who has access to the Pay Anyone functionality offered by a supported online banking facility can use POLi™ provided they meet the technical requirements in the next section.

A list of the currently supported banks is available at http://www.polipayments.com/consumer.html.

What are the technical requirements?

POLi™ is supported on the following platforms:
Note – POLi™ may work on other Web Browsers/Operating Systems although they are not supported

Web Browsers:
Internet Explorer 8 or above
Google Chrome
Firefox 8 or above
Apple Safari 5 or above
Operating Systems:
Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP SP2 and above, Windows Server 2003 & Windows Server 2008.

How does POLi™ work?

Choose to pay with Internet Banking wherever you see the POLi™ payment option
Select your bank and click proceed with payment
Login directly to your bank
Follow the prompts to complete the Pay Anyone transaction (may include selecting account or entering second factor information)
Complete the payment and receive your receipt

Is there any cost for using POLi™?

There is no cost imposed by POLi Payments on customers for the use of POLi™. Your bank may apply fees for electronic funds transfers.

Do I have to register to use POLi™?

No. We think this is one of the great features of POLi™. No additional passwords to remember!

Merchants who intend to use POLi to receive business transactions do need to register. This can be done in Australia by visiting http://www.polipayments.com/merchants.html and in New Zealand by contacting http://www.polipay.co.nz/.


Is POLi™ secure? Yes, POLi™ places a lot of importance on the security of its software. We never capture sensitive information such as your login name or password. We have been reviewed by Secure Assessments to ensure that we meet all modern security standards.

Is POLi™ approved by my bank?

The POLi™ Payments service is brought to you by Centricom Pty Ltd, an independent provider of innovative web-based transaction services and software.

Centricom is not a bank, and does not necessarily have relationships with banks accessible via POLi™.

Does Centricom Pty Ltd hold a financial services license?

Centricom has an exemption from ASIC for the requirement to hold a financial services license.

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