Mobile App Integration Guide

Integrating POLi with a mobile app is nearly identical to any other form of integration, except for one key point.

We strongly suggest that a middleware web-service be developed by the merchant to facilitate POLi as a payment service via their application. It would work in the following way:

· Customer chooses POLi as a payment method via the application and talks to the merchant’s middleware web-service

· The merchant’s middleware web-service calls Initiate-Transaction internally and returns the transaction URL to the customer’s phone app

· The phone app will open the URL via some inline web-browsing interface(recommended), actual web-browser or from a web-browser selected by the customer from a list of choices on the device

· The customer will make the payment using POLi via the web-interface

· The merchant can use GetTransaction after receiving a nudge so that they can send messages to the customer’s phone app to notify them that the transaction has succeeded, cancelled or failed

This merchant integration approach for an application will not compromise the authentication code and also makes it easier to troubleshoot integration issues if they originate from a single point.

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